Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby's Nursery!

We have a few things to do yet:

Build risers for hope chest.
Finish and hang curtains
Install branch shelves on tree.
Hang pictures above hope chest.
Finish baby girl quilt.
but otherwise: Here it is!

Grandmother's hope chest. Andrew will build risers for it. Then it is the changing table. Prints are from a book and will be hung with a mirror above the changing table.

Bird cards from Land of Nod. Little birds and bird houses various stores. Children's games were from Andrew's grandma and grandpa's house. The boys used to play with them while growing up.

Butler desk was made by Andrew's great great grandpa.

Book/nursing nook

See the wooden game? It's about 20 years old!

This is the quilt for if baby is a little boy.

Tree is missing branch shelves.

Cat's meow of church we were married in. Sign says: We loved you even before you were born.

This quilt is going to grandma's house.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Before's We've come a long way baby!

There is now a wall near where that pole is. and this is the dining area. We ripped out those two closets and only put one back up, seperating the dining area and office. Where the desk is now, is where the desk is in the new room. We put up a wall, instead of the concrete block. I painted the coffee table black.
On the right you can see the washer and dryer. Now there is a wall built and angled there.
Andrew's workshop area hasnt changed much, but it is now closed off!

Laundry/Workshop Area

We installed a pocket door going into laundry/workshop/ storage area.

Basement Reno- Living Area

Standing by storage closet looking right. I plan on moving those chairs (they were there for the openhouse) and putting bookcases there to flank the entertainment center.

We have to box out the pole yet.

Basement Reno- Dining Area

Here is the dining area (yes in the basement) The former owners use the one bedroom, and we had to walk through our living room to the rear bedroom to get to the dining area. The steps to the basemetn are right off of hte kitchen so now it is closer.
I finished this piece myself. It used to be "cherry" so I sanded it down, primered it, and spray painted it black. Then changed out the hardware.
My china is on my grandmother's stand on the left. ON the wall is the plate DH and I made on our honeymoon. And glasses from the winery we visited there.

Basement Reno-- Office Area!

Here is the office Area in our basement Reno. It is to the left back area of hte room. I tried to design the room with 3 distinct areas. I want to change out the desk soon to one that has a filing cabinent on either side and is black. The rocker is the one I was rocked in as a baby. The bookshelf DH built. I picked the color a long time ago, before we even owned this house.... luckily it matches well enough for this room. Curtians are from Ikea...and I was cheap, only bought one set, split each panel up the middle and hemmed it.

Bathroom Reno All Done!!! (okay 99%)

Before: (on the left was about a year ago, on the right, I had painted the tile)
Here it is folks! The new bathroom!!!!! I need to find a curtain, and we need to put up a bit of trim ehre and there...