Sunday, March 30, 2008

Seriously we've been working hard!

This may be the last post for this weekend.
Yesterday we:

1. Completed all the painting we needed to do.
2. Put on the stainless steel cover Big Poppa made us for the sump pump cover. (He owns a metal fabrication shop)
3. Went to Lowe's and got:

100 2X4's
That's a lot of wood folks!

We borrowed Big Poppa's Stake Body Truck, the neighbor, a brother, and Big Poppa.

Andrew is extremely picky when it comes to wood. It's from working as a carpenter with a very very particular boss. So we spent 2 hours picking out lumber at Lowes. He has a system where he "levels" the quality of each piece of wood we selected. He is such a stud at picking out studs. Ha.
Here it is.

Basement Reno continued again

Alright, next step:
The former owners put in a "sump" pump. However, they never repaired the concrete where the sump pump was put in. Andrew's dad loves to help with our projects and most of the boys (minus David away at Pitt) came over to help.

Yes ladies, some of the man meat is for sale.

Basement Reno Continued

Week 1/2:
This was Easter vacation for us so we had more than a weekend, actually 5 days to work on it.

So we worked and worked and worked. Here is more of our work:
Week 1/2:

Step 1: New Windows for the basement.
Step 2: Finalize plans for basement layout.

Basement Reno!

Before pics can be found below in one of the initial posts. But oh man I cannot wait until the final afters!!!

Week 1:

Step 1-Clear out, clean out, bag up.

Step 2- Tear out closets. You could also read this tear as crying. I almost did. My two 8' storage closets are no more. For now.... :-(
Step 3: Scrap and scrap and scrap and scrap, then paint on a layer of "water barrier". Hmmmm why aren't there any pictures of this? Two reasons. 1.) I did 95% of the scraping and 80% of the painting and I am the "photographer". 2.) Andrew was outside tearing out our basement windows.

Been so long.

Sorry everyone it has been so long since the last blog entry! Over 2 months!!! I apologize. We have been busy with grad classes and school and lots of other fun things. We are now on our way to rennovating the basement. The next and immediate post will be our basement probably week by week! Here ya go!