Sunday, March 30, 2008

Seriously we've been working hard!

This may be the last post for this weekend.
Yesterday we:

1. Completed all the painting we needed to do.
2. Put on the stainless steel cover Big Poppa made us for the sump pump cover. (He owns a metal fabrication shop)
3. Went to Lowe's and got:

100 2X4's
That's a lot of wood folks!

We borrowed Big Poppa's Stake Body Truck, the neighbor, a brother, and Big Poppa.

Andrew is extremely picky when it comes to wood. It's from working as a carpenter with a very very particular boss. So we spent 2 hours picking out lumber at Lowes. He has a system where he "levels" the quality of each piece of wood we selected. He is such a stud at picking out studs. Ha.
Here it is.

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BunnyMendelbaum said...

Oh, I soooo feel you on the spending hours at Lowes "grading" lumber. Once after over an hour, a worker came by and said (truly flabergasted): "You guys are still here??????"