Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Before's We've come a long way baby!

There is now a wall near where that pole is. and this is the dining area. We ripped out those two closets and only put one back up, seperating the dining area and office. Where the desk is now, is where the desk is in the new room. We put up a wall, instead of the concrete block. I painted the coffee table black.
On the right you can see the washer and dryer. Now there is a wall built and angled there.
Andrew's workshop area hasnt changed much, but it is now closed off!

Laundry/Workshop Area

We installed a pocket door going into laundry/workshop/ storage area.

Basement Reno- Living Area

Standing by storage closet looking right. I plan on moving those chairs (they were there for the openhouse) and putting bookcases there to flank the entertainment center.

We have to box out the pole yet.

Basement Reno- Dining Area

Here is the dining area (yes in the basement) The former owners use the one bedroom, and we had to walk through our living room to the rear bedroom to get to the dining area. The steps to the basemetn are right off of hte kitchen so now it is closer.
I finished this piece myself. It used to be "cherry" so I sanded it down, primered it, and spray painted it black. Then changed out the hardware.
My china is on my grandmother's stand on the left. ON the wall is the plate DH and I made on our honeymoon. And glasses from the winery we visited there.

Basement Reno-- Office Area!

Here is the office Area in our basement Reno. It is to the left back area of hte room. I tried to design the room with 3 distinct areas. I want to change out the desk soon to one that has a filing cabinent on either side and is black. The rocker is the one I was rocked in as a baby. The bookshelf DH built. I picked the color a long time ago, before we even owned this house.... luckily it matches well enough for this room. Curtians are from Ikea...and I was cheap, only bought one set, split each panel up the middle and hemmed it.

Bathroom Reno All Done!!! (okay 99%)

Before: (on the left was about a year ago, on the right, I had painted the tile)
Here it is folks! The new bathroom!!!!! I need to find a curtain, and we need to put up a bit of trim ehre and there...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Okay I will update later this week I promise!

But for now I found through friends this really cool thing online.

Here is my first page!

Woohoo! How fun!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This is why we got puppers

Training for childcare
I love sleeping

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Uh oh! Here comes trouble!

This is more life related than house related! Our new "kiddo" has arrived! Meet Biscuit!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

More Basement!

Here are more pics!


Hi Andy and Darcie!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Been tooooo long

So we are completely framed out and insulated. Woot Woot!

Alright Alright! I am behind in my blog updating:

Up the Lowes count by 9 . Literally 9.
Above is pics of insulation, however, before that we ran the electric...since then we/okay Andrew/ has insulated everything, put all the drywall up and spacled it. Busy busy boy!

We are ready for the step to finish spackling and then paint. Then ceiling. Wowsa

Monday, April 7, 2008

Lowe's Tally

I figured I might as well start a tally of the times we go to Lowe's during this remodel:

Lowe's: 11

Home Depot: 1

New Comment: I wanna buy a jigsaw. I need it.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Week 3

Get that man out of the basement!
I seriously cannot get Andrew or the neighbor Scott, out of our basement. The boys start every evening between 5:30 and 6:30.... and they are not done until 10:00-10:30. They are sawing and hammering and sawing and hammering. There is no peace in my house right now!!

Here is what they have completed:
1. Shell of my closet.
2. All the interior walls studded.
3. The wall near the stairs studded.
4. The wall of the stairs started.

They were excited becaues they have some pretty cool tools borrowed from a friend of the neighbors... some air compressed nail shooter thingy mabob.

What's my contribution this week? I made soft pretzels.

Pictures to come soon. (Of the work, not the pretzels)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Seriously we've been working hard!

This may be the last post for this weekend.
Yesterday we:

1. Completed all the painting we needed to do.
2. Put on the stainless steel cover Big Poppa made us for the sump pump cover. (He owns a metal fabrication shop)
3. Went to Lowe's and got:

100 2X4's
That's a lot of wood folks!

We borrowed Big Poppa's Stake Body Truck, the neighbor, a brother, and Big Poppa.

Andrew is extremely picky when it comes to wood. It's from working as a carpenter with a very very particular boss. So we spent 2 hours picking out lumber at Lowes. He has a system where he "levels" the quality of each piece of wood we selected. He is such a stud at picking out studs. Ha.
Here it is.

Basement Reno continued again

Alright, next step:
The former owners put in a "sump" pump. However, they never repaired the concrete where the sump pump was put in. Andrew's dad loves to help with our projects and most of the boys (minus David away at Pitt) came over to help.

Yes ladies, some of the man meat is for sale.

Basement Reno Continued

Week 1/2:
This was Easter vacation for us so we had more than a weekend, actually 5 days to work on it.

So we worked and worked and worked. Here is more of our work:
Week 1/2:

Step 1: New Windows for the basement.
Step 2: Finalize plans for basement layout.

Basement Reno!

Before pics can be found below in one of the initial posts. But oh man I cannot wait until the final afters!!!

Week 1:

Step 1-Clear out, clean out, bag up.

Step 2- Tear out closets. You could also read this tear as crying. I almost did. My two 8' storage closets are no more. For now.... :-(
Step 3: Scrap and scrap and scrap and scrap, then paint on a layer of "water barrier". Hmmmm why aren't there any pictures of this? Two reasons. 1.) I did 95% of the scraping and 80% of the painting and I am the "photographer". 2.) Andrew was outside tearing out our basement windows.

Been so long.

Sorry everyone it has been so long since the last blog entry! Over 2 months!!! I apologize. We have been busy with grad classes and school and lots of other fun things. We are now on our way to rennovating the basement. The next and immediate post will be our basement probably week by week! Here ya go!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Cookie Quilt

This summer I had a visit from my favorite non-mom mom. I had this idea for this project for a while and I was so excited for Theresa to come work on it with me. I change the cookie cutters out for the seasons. This is in my kitchen above our "trash center" and it really ties in the colors form the living room and kitchen. So FUN starting a new cookie cutter collection :-D