Friday, January 11, 2008

Cookie Quilt

This summer I had a visit from my favorite non-mom mom. I had this idea for this project for a while and I was so excited for Theresa to come work on it with me. I change the cookie cutters out for the seasons. This is in my kitchen above our "trash center" and it really ties in the colors form the living room and kitchen. So FUN starting a new cookie cutter collection :-D

Penn's Landing and Philadelphia

Hi All!
Here are pics of the Penn's Landing sign Andrew's dad made in Philly. (Yes he designed and manufactured it). I also was excited to use my camera, I am looking forward to taking a photography class in the near future and here is my attempt pre-class!

Bats in our bellfree!

This summer, or was it fall? Time flies... anyway... Andrew and his dad (the brothers watched) repointed our chimney... well we had a new friend that evening who got trapped in the house...

Mr. Bat... or as Andrew likes to call him... Mr. Sparrow (we debated while freaking out as he flew around the family room)

Here are some pics of the repointed and the bat... okay mostly a box....

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dining Room Transformation

Our dining room used to have this hideous wallpaper in it. It took us WEEKS! to tear it down... (okay we were busy too)

Here is our process....


This is the during:
This is the after: (with holiday decor) I still need to get curtains... I was thinking tan?

Our House Is a Very Very Very Fine House

With two chicks in the yard.... it used to be so hard.... now everything is easy cuz of you!

New Year's Eve Party

So we had a "rockin'" New Year's Eve Party... at least I planned on the party being rockin'. But after some cancellations, and people leaving early, the countdown to 2008 ended up being Andrew's brother Peter and I sitting on the couch watching the ball drop.

Here are some pics of the house all ready!

Bathroom Reno

First stop: Bathroom "Renovation"

We are planning on redoing our bathroom this summer, but I just couldn't take the pink anymore. The bathroom is a really really really small 1950's original bathroom... not anymore!
I had read online (thanks nesties) that I could pain my tile. So Andrew and I went to 4!!! different paint/hardware stores, until we found the paint we needed.

Tip 1: Go to a PAINT store, not a hardware store, and explain that you are looking for an oil based/mix paint for a bathroom.
Tip 2: If you want it to stick long term, you will need to lightly sand the tile and then clean it with amonia.

Tip 3: Tape it out and paint it with an oil based primer. Oil based takes a while to dry... so I got the primer and 1 coat done in day 1... then got up early day 2 and did coat 2 in 10 minutes!
Tip 4: Paint the tile with the top coat. (You may need 2 coats)
Tip 5: DO NOT use your bathroom for 3 days. The painstore guy told us that any time you paint you should not have steam in the room for 3 days. (We could use the sink and toilet... we just showered at the gym)
We did 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of top coat. I did not tape it out because I left the maroon at the top and the bottom. Also, I never tape.... a skill taught to me by Andrew.

Here are some pictures!


Hi All! Friends, Family, Guests!

I decided I wanted to blog so I could keep my extended and distant family and friends up to date with our life here outside of Philadelphia. Recently Andrew and I moved from the area I grew up in, so I really miss being around my friends and family. I thought what a great way to stay connected!